* Makers of Quality Equipment for Working Animals

Our focus at B.Iles Harness is to make high quality equipment for draft animals. All of our products are produced with top quality raw materials and proudly produced here in the United States. B.Iles Harness is a family affair with myself Bambi, my father and my brother. We have been making equipment since 2008.
Everything we make is made to last and be used on a daily basis. We use all of our equipment on our small farm which consists of a herd of working goats, two miniature horses and two dogs. We know how equipment should be made because we use it on our own herd on almost a daily basis.
We try to add new products to our site every few months. If a customer needs a custom size for their animals we can custom make a piece using their dimensions.
This is a service we offer free of charge.
If there is a piece of equipment you would like made be sure and send me a conversation or email : goatharness [!at] gmail.com

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