Well we just got through some of the toughest weather we have had in a long time. Rain and lots and lots of rain for days and days. I was getting ready to build an ark. Our county where we are located was one of the hardest hit in the state of California. Don't get me wrong we are very grateful for the rain and the water because we have been in such a hard and long drought but we did not need it all at once.  Now we are back to freezing temperatures ( so much for global warming).  

The goats and horses are jumping out of their skin with boredom due to having to stay in the barn. The good news is we are suppose to have a week of sunshine so they can get out and frolic in the fields. I hope we grow lots of lush green grass this spring and early summer. I hope all of you and your animals are safe . Enjoy that large orange glow in the sky ( I think they call it the sun).