All goats have strong personalities and opinions. Some of the stronger opinions are as listed below.

Rule #1 : Do not get goats wet !

Rule #2 and #3: refer to rule #1

Rule #4: Always buy good food otherwise a goat will starve before they eat 

               something they don't like.

Rule #5: Humans have hands to scratch goats back and head.

Rule #6: If a goat is trying to walk between two objects and they get stuck, they      

               back up and go faster and harder.

Rule #7: Don't touch their hooves. They don't appreciate a hoof trimming.

Rule #8: If a human has to sneeze go outside of the barn to do that. If a goat has 

               to sneeze find the nearest and cleanest human to sneeze upon and

               wipe nose on.

Rule #9: Do not be late with meals! Timing is everything.

Rule # 10: Do not even consider bathing a goat . If in doubt refer back to rule #1.